Good Thing #1

Two really good things happened to me this week and I’m allowed to talk about one of them now. Next week YouTube is flying me out to LA to be a VIP at a live event to kick off something they’re doing called Comedy Week. I’m told Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, and Vince Vaughn will be there as well as some of the big comedy channels on YouTube. This is incredibly humbling to me because I don’t even think of myself as a comedian. I just bullshit alone in my apartment to a camera for two minutes! And I’m a VIP at an event for people who are funny professionally! I’m blown away and haven’t fully processed that yet. I can’t wait.

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    Congrats, Zak!
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    go zach!!!
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    this makes me want to cry. THIS IS SO COOL, ZACH. GOOD ON YOU. YOU GO, GLEN COCO.
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